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Why use PCRCO?

Healthcare systems everywhere need an urgent answer to spiralling costs from increasing lifestyle diseases (diabetes, heart disease and lung disease) and ageing populations. Like banking, insurance, retail and travel, healthcare must align services around the consumer and enable consumers to manage services themselves through consumer-centric thinking and systems.

The Personal Care Record Company (PCRCo) was formed to create a range of software components that are designed to produce better health outcomes at reduced cost, alleviating the most pressing healthcare crisis in the world today.

PCRCo has developed a disruptive software solution to disaggregate patient information from provider systems to align the clinical and financial interests of doctors, providers, funders, insurers and employers around the

Healthcare systems can no longer afford to act by themselves and must move patients from passive recipients of care to active managers of their own care.

Progress is currently blocked as health data is locked in fragmented provider systems that cannot share the data. But technology now enables disruptive mass personalizationof services, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Uber, at low fixed costs to enable sustainable high growth rates.

PCRCo has moved to the next level: a comprehensive, multilingual, anywhere, anytime Personal Wellness Service, driven by authoritative doctor data, into a personal are record with built-in decision support, automatic alerts, follow-up, behaviour changing apps and online access to specialists, all accessible on PCs, mobile devices and TVs.

PCRCo empowers individuals and doctors to get the best health outcomes and enables the lowest costs for providers, funders, insurers and employers.

In the UK 71% book their flights online. 2% interact digitally with healthcare.



The PCRCo Solution

Updated seamlessly from UK GP systems by automatic nightly update

Personal care pathways, embedded in the personal care record, specific to every individual driven by world best-evidence decision support, with interactive mobile apps and automatic, multilingual personalised alerts and follow-up to optimise every individual’s health outcomes.

Risk assessment, automatic, to identify health risks for every individual at earliest opportunity to improve personal outcomes.

Comprehensive wellness apps. Internationally validated Mindset behaviour-changing app to support every individual, 24/7/365, to break old habits and adopt new ones to optimise their health outcomes, driven by the evidence-based recommendations in their personal care pathways.

Personal care record, life-long, multilingual, comprehensive, for every individual, portable as they move around the health system.


Analytics, real-time reporting and performance monitoring.

Library of health information, NHS accredited and continually updated, personalised to each individual.

Online access to a patient advocate, wellness coach, pharmacist, nurse or doctor, via message chat, telephone, or video call.

Available on PC, TV and mobile devices (Apple, Android and Windows).

Core software is HealthOne, used by 3,000 physicians in 5 countries and 4 languages. Since 2003 Special Olympics has used HealthOne in every US State and 100 other countries since 2003, for its Healthy Athletes program, the world’s largest free public health screening program.

Configurable, multilingual and fully adaptable for local, regional and national requirements.


About Us

We have created the SatNav for Healthcare TM, that enables clinicians and patient’s the best medical outcomes for the lowest cost by implementing evidence-based medicine.

PCRCo was formed by founders with over 50 years of combined experience in healthcare and medicine. Our goal is to assist health providers and the empowered health citizen, with the tools needed to achieve the best possible outcomes of their chronic conditions.

PCRCo is a company built on providing a comprehensive SaaS product, designed to enhance the clinical proficiency of the medical system providers and creates an empowered and engaged patient population.

PCRCo Delivers evidence based medicine with just 1 click in EMR system

PCRCo Navigates patient data to their long term condition pathways

PCRCo Gives clinician patient-specific Recommended actions due today

PCRCo Provides real-time personalized medicine

The Team


Dr. Stan Shepherd


Andrew Bonner


Russell Beattie


Jonathan Dawson

Clinical Director

Ray Jordan

Solutions Director

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a comprehensive list of FAQs to provide you with an answer to your queries.

Who has access to my personal care record?

Only you and anyone else you choose to share your record with.

Who will provide my personal care record?

Your personal care record meets all the same stringent NHS standards for security and Information…

Where is my personal care record kept?

On the same secure NHS (N3) network as your GP and Hospital computer records

Who will provide my personal care record?

Personal Care Record Company (PCRCo) will provide your personal care record.

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