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Dr. Stan Shepherd


Dr. Shepherd is currently Chairman of Health One Global and a General Practitioner in a deprived, multi-ethnic, multi- lingual, inner-city medical practice in London with 13,000 patients from all around the world. He first put a PC into his medical practice in 1984. Since then his focus has been the development of electronic health records to deliver the most clinically-effective care and the most cost- effective care for patients and providers, via his UK and international companies including becoming Founder and Chairman of Health One Global Limited and Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Global Partner.


Andrew Bonner


Mr. Bonner is an accomplished executive with demonstrated ability to deliver mission critical results. Experience in corporate development and strategic planning. With over 25  years of professional experience in healthcare, safety, and technology, he is responsible for  product creation, strategic development and education of clients. Andrew is a US based expert on Pharmacy Benefit Systems, Health Insurance and Commercial Insurance claims systems.


Russell Beattie


Mr. Beattie, is an Australian based electronic health record expert. He is a former Hospital Manager and has managed electronic health record companies in Australia and as a subsidiary of a Hong Kong company.


Jonathan Dawson

Clinical Director

Mr. Dawson is currently a Consultant Surgeon at Northampton General Hospital with a long-standing interest in electronic health records. He developed a software solution, Private Practice System, for UK medical specialists in their private practices.


Ray Jordan

Solutions Director

Mr. Jordan is an experienced IT professional currently working with the Care Quality Commission with responsibility for re-architecting their Business systems as part of the Transformation program. He has 20 years experience working within healthcare worldwide and the NHS in particular. Assignments range from supporting front-line staff, improving clinical effectiveness and architecting National Systems.