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The PCRCo solution

Personal care record, life-long, multilingual, comprehensive, for every individual, portable as they move around the health system.

Updated seamlessly from UK and US GP and EMR  systems by automatic nightly update.

Personal care pathways, embedded in the personal care record, specific to every individual driven by world best-evidence decision support, with interactive mobile apps and automatic, multilingual personalised alerts and follow-up to optimise every individual’s health outcomes.

Risk assessment, automatic, to identify health risks for every individual at earliest opportunity to improve personal outcomes.

Comprehensive wellness apps. Internationally validated Mindset behaviour-changing app to support every individual, 24/7/365, to break old habits and adopt new ones to optimise their health outcomes, driven by the evidence-based recommendations in their personal care pathways.

Library of health information, NHS accredited and continually updated, personalised to each individual.

Online access to a patient advocate, wellness coach, pharmacist, nurse or doctor, via message chat, telephone, or video call.

Available on PC, TV and mobile devices (Apple, Android and Windows).

Core software is HealthOne, used by 3,000 physicians in 5 countries and 4 languages. Since 2003 Special Olympics has used HealthOne in every US State and 100 other countries since 2003, for its Healthy Athletes program, the world’s largest free public health screening program.

Configurable, multilingual and fully adaptable for local, regional and national requirements.

Analytics, real-time reporting and performance monitoring.

Everybody wins


  • optimum treatment
  • unfailingly alerted and followed up, automatically
  • standard prevention (e.g. childhood immunisations, health checks, cervical cytology, mammography etc.)
  • long-term conditions (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, heart, lung and kidney diseases etc.)
  • personal wellness program

Doctors and nurses:

  • save time
  • save effort and resources
  • certainty of delivering highest standards of evidence-based care


  • performance monitoring
  • efficiency
  • consistency
  • best outcomes at lowest costs


  • timely claims data
  • pre-authorisation of claims
  • real-time analysis across multiple data sources
  • improved risk assessments


  • lasting employee benefit
  • lower costs
  • lower claim rates
  • reduced risk
  • improved individual productivity
  • improved corporate performance