Our history serving people with Learning Disabilities and Special Olympics

Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Global Partner

For 11 years since 2003, Health One Global was the exclusive Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Global Partner for electronic health records and provided and managed the Healthy Athletes Software (HAS) to record the Healthy Athletes screening data from 800 events every year. These events were conducted in every US State and 100 other countries, and at every World Summer and Winter Games worldwide, into a single global database, which has become the world’s richest and most comprehensive health database for people with intellectual disability. Health One Global is proud to have been able to provide this cutting edge technology as a wholly sponsored charitable contribution.

Timothy P. Shriver, Special Olympics Chairman, says of Health One Global Limited’s contribution “A global technology partner of this caliber is exciting for Special Olympics.  As our Movement continues to grow and further benefit the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities, we need the kind of state-of-the-art databases and software systems that Health One Global can provide”.

Special Olympics Healthy Athletes

Health One Global supports Special Olympics as a charitable donation.  Special Olympics uses HEALTHone to record the health screening data at over 900 Healthy Athletes events each year world-wide.

With HEALTHone Special Olympics has created the world’s largest and most comprehensive research database on the health of citizens with intellectual disability.

Special Olympics World Summer Games

Athens 2011

The Special Olympics 2011 World Summer Games, held in Athens, Greece in June and July 2011 was the largest sports event world-wide in 2011, and was host to 6,500 athletes from 160 countries for 9 days of Olympic style events.

As the exclusive Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Global Partner since 2003 Health One Global provides its electronic health record software solution HEALTHone for two different applications:

  • Healthy Athletes Software (HAS)to record the screening details of all athletes screened.  This also occurs at up to 930 events world-wide each year;
  • Medical Encounter Software (MES)for the medical primary care of the participating athletes, their coaches, volunteers and member of the public attending all Games events but also including all residential venues.

Healthy Athletes Software

HEALTHone was installed on a local area network at the Healthy Athletes screening venue.  All demographic data including sporting event, medical history, contact data was imported directly from the Special Olympics Games Management System (GMS) to create the basic patient record in HEALTHone.

13,858 screenings were carried out in 9 days from 26th June 2011 to 4th July 2011 by global volunteer screeners from around the world assisted by Chinese volunteers.  All screening data was recorded on Special Olympics standard Healthy Athletes forms and taken to the Healthy Athletes data centre, set up specifically for the event.  50 Greek data enterers worked in shifts on 24 networked PCs to enter the 13,858 screenings into HEALTHone.

Of the 6,507 athletes from 160 countries who attended the Games, 3,751 (57.6%) of them underwent at least one of the 6 screening programs available.  On average each athlete attended 3.7 of the 6 screening programs.

To screen 3,751 people from 160 countries in 9 days was a major achievement for Special Olympics.  Few organizations globally have the knowledge, resources, commitment and experience to mount such an event, which Special Olympics does every 4 years, plus a World Winter Games every 4 years too!

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